Elizabeth McNeill’s novel of a masochistic love affair between an art dealer (Kim Basinger) and a commodities broker (Mickey Rourke), as filmed by the arch stylist of Flash, Adrian Lyne. Despite a monotonously fashionable mise-en-scene (the images all look as if they’d been ordered from the Neiman-Marcus catalog), Lyne generates some genuine erotic tension between his two stars; you believe in their obsessive relationship, even as most of the action and staging registers as ridiculous. As one of the few American movies of the 80s to take sexual matters with any degree of seriousness, this 1986 release deserved a lot better than it got from the critics—Lyne is no Oshima or Eustache, but he is working the same vein of primal passions. With Margaret Whitton, David Margulies, and Christine Baranski.