A Bag of Marbles

This routine Holocaust drama is the second screen adaptation of Joseph Joffo’s 1973 novel, which recounted his experiences as a Jewish schoolboy enduring, and then fleeing, the Nazi occupation of Paris. Sons of the local barber, Joseph and his brother get into a schoolyard brawl over the yellow stars they’ve been forced to wear, but they begin to grasp the danger they’re in when their parents (Patrick Bruel, Elsa Zylberstein) give them a wad of cash and instruct them to head south and join their older brothers in Vichy France. During the movie’s production, the crew caused havoc in Nice by hanging a Nazi flag from the Palais des Rois Sardes; thankfully it was taken down before the French government could surrender again. Christian Duguay directed a screenplay by many hands. In French with subtitles.