A solid cast buoys this offbeat indie comedy by first-time filmmaker Jonathan Sobol. Harvey Keitel is a rowdy, hard-living fellow in Niagara Falls, New York, who hangs himself in the opening sequence; when his last will and testament are made public, the three grown sons from his first marriage learn that years earlier he signed them up for clinical trials of a drug now known to be fatal. The sons react to this bad news in varying fashion: meathead Eddie (Jason Jones of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) decides to get back in the boxing ring one more time; woman-obsessed Cal (Scott Caan) pursues a doomed romance with a wild barmaid; and hyper-responsible Jacob (Paulo Costanzo) starts in on a bucket list that includes going over the falls in a barrel. Jones and Caan are typecast to perfection, and J.K. Simmons has plenty of screen time and good lines as a priest who was pals with the late father and tries to mentor the freaked-out sons.