This documentary follows chef David Kinch as he takes his Michelin-starred restaurant Manresa (located in Los Gatos, California) on a pop-up tour through France, where he collaborates with different chefs in Provence, Paris, and Marseille. Director Rémi Anfosso deftly captures the chaos of taking a restaurant on the road, featuring many members of Manresa’s team ranging from a cheerful, pink-haired pastry chef to an earnest, frowning manager. Unfortunately, though the camerawork is pristine, it does little to distract from the fogginess of the film’s narrative. The rotating cast never truly offers a charismatic character to anchor the documentary. Time vaults back and forth in a way that is confusing rather than artful. Gorgeous close ups of food are never followed up with shots of delighted patrons. Thundering tracks of baroque violin attempt to drum up emotion where there is none. In a word, style reigns over substance. English and French with subtitles.