Director Gore Verbinski (The Ring, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) spins a gothic horror tale in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby, though his movie seems to last forever and, when it finally ends, leaves a sour aftertaste of overproduced, overblown schlock. A young Wall Street executive (Dane DeHaan) turns up at a mysterious spa in the Swiss Alps to retrieve one of his colleagues; the tedious plot hinges on a climactic twist one can see coming from a mile away, and the protagonist is intriguing only for his strong resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio in the similar yet superior Shutter Island (2010). Jason Isaacs sleepwalks through his role as the spa’s sphinxlike founder, and Mia Goth’s character is an amalgam of sexist horror movie tropes: creepy waif, childlike victim, sex object.