A Dangerous Game

Anthony Baxter’s documentary You’ve Been Trumped (2011) laid bare the predations of the 1 percent with its story of ordinary Scottish folk fighting to protect their pristine sand dunes from being destroyed by Donald Trump to make way for a luxury golf resort. For this sequel Baxter monitors the battle over a second course Trump wants to build in Aberdeenshire; travels to Croatia, where activists are trying to halt construction of yet another Trump resort; surveys a similar facility in Lake Las Vegas that failed and left the residents with a giant, overgrown eyesore; and recaps the events of the first movie at length, just in case you missed it. The environmental issues are still vital, though the filmmaker, denied the strong narrative spine that made his earlier movie so dramatic, seems as if he’s searching for lost balls in the rough. Ironically, Baxter is rescued by the villain when Trump agrees to sit down with him for a climactic one-on-one interview.