Japanese writer-director Kôji Fukada reunites with actress Mariko Tsutsui (who appeared in his 2016 film Harmonium) for this lithe drama about a home-care nurse, Ichiko (Tsutsui), whose nephew kidnaps the granddaughter of one of her elderly patients, setting into motion a chain of events that drastically changes her life. Such galvanic developments are a matter of course for Fukada; his films often begin as seemingly unambiguous domestic dramas, then transform into something aberrant as his characters’ lives become precarious—this can be read as a critique of the facade of stability that delimits Japanese society. Here, Fukada oscillates between two timelines: in the present Ichiko uncharacteristically pretends to be someone else in order to seduce a handsome hairstylist (Sôsuke Ikematsu); meanwhile, understated flashbacks present her life before this act of deception, focusing on her relationship with the kidnapped girl’s older sister (Mikako Ichikawa), whose preoccupation with Ichiko borders on erotic. Fukada’s films don’t overly emphasize their near-melodramatic twists and turns; rather, a matter-of-factness prevails, his films mirroring the impervious complexities of daily life. In Japanese with subtitles.