Say her name: Latasha Harlins. In 1991 the Illinois-born Harlins, a 15-year-old Black girl, was shot and killed in Los Angeles after the owner of a convenience store suspected her of stealing orange juice. This incident, combined with Rodney King’s beating by LA police officers, spurred the 1992 LA uprising. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison’s short film considers the situation poetically as a conversation in time. Through interviews with Latasha’s family and friends, the film explores her life and the circumstances that led to her untimely death; why this happened is both easy and difficult to explain, and harsh reality is the thing which this short documentary grapples with. Allison, who received her bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism from Columbia College, utilizes an experimental approach, using such techniques to illustrate Latasha’s whimsical spirit, the illogicality of her death, and the circumstances, entrenched in racism, that led to it. This Netflix original documentary is enlightening for viewers who may not be familiar with the incident; it’s also a prescient reminder, teaching us that our history is something we must contend with if we hope ever to move forward.