Two of the most hackneyed scenes ever are the comically interrupted suicide attempt and the lonely soliloquy addressed to a dead spouse’s headstone; the title character (Rolf Lassgård) gets them both, multiple times, in this slow and obvious Swedish drama. One of those hopeless dicks who’s always starting something with a cashier, Ove has recently lost his wife to cancer and can’t wait to be reunited with her; lengthy flashbacks, delivered as he’s hanging from a ceiling hook or waiting for his garage to fill up with carbon monoxide, reveal him in his youth as an emotionally repressed geek (Filip Berg) who inexplicably wins the ardent love of a bright, sexy, lively young woman (Ida Engvoll). Back in the present, in the sort of cross-cultural twist common to art-house comedies, an Iranian wife and mother who has moved into the town house next door (Bahar Pars) befriends the grumpy old bear and tries to soothe his savage breast. Hannes Holm directed his own script, adapting a novel by Fredrik Backman. In Swedish with subtitles.