It’s remarkable how easy it is to become completely invested in the love and lives of Terry Donahue and Pat Heschel. A Secret Love gets its name not just from the Doris Day song that plays during the title sequence, but from the fact that Donahue and Heschel kept their relationship a secret for almost the entire seven decades that they spent together. Director Chris Bolan—also the pair’s great-nephew—shares their story and the cultural context surrounding it, making Donahue and Heschel the protagonists in a winding narrative that goes so much deeper than two people falling in love. Only briefly are there interviews with activists and experts, and the documentary could certainly have benefited from including more. People like Yvonne Zipter from the University of Chicago Press, activist Marge Summit, and even our own Reader publisher Tracy Baim spoke to offer context about the criminalization of gays and lesbians. However, even more than LGBTQ history, A Secret Love is about growing old, and every wonderful and heartbreaking thing that happens when we do.