This adaptation of the Anne Tyler novel premiered at Sundance in 1999 but waited five years for distribution (which explains why Clea Duvall, now a well-established actress, appears in a bit part). Lili Taylor plays a lonely young woman living with her widowed father in small-town North Carolina; after falling under the spell of a local rocker (Guy Pearce) known for his Morrison-like onstage babbling, she carves his name into her forehead—backward, of course—and captures his limited imagination. Writer-director Toni Kallem generates some touching moments (most of them involving Tom Bower as Taylor’s wisp of a father), but this never surmounts the woeful miscasting of its two leads. With Irma P. Hall; Pearce’s tunes are by Joe Henry, Ron Sexsmith, and Robyn Hitchcock. R, 111 min.