Produced for HBO, this engrossing documentary by Tracy Droz Tragos comes down hard on the state of Missouri, where women who seek abortions have a choice of exactly one provider and are further constrained by a 72-hour waiting period. Yet the personal and often raw testimony collected from about two dozen women spans the political divide over abortion, providing one of the most complex treatments of the issue since Tony Kaye’s monumental Lake of Fire (2006). Many of the subjects are patients or staffers at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, just across the state line from Saint Louis, and their stories are a grim reminder of how many women are driven to terminate pregnancies by sheer poverty. But Tragos also honors the experience of pro-life activists still haunted by their own abortions years earlier. Removing men from the equation seems to clarify the argument on both sides, though of course that’s easier to do in a movie than in a legislature.