Dramas about the porn industry range from expressions of puritanical rage (Paul Schrader’s Hardcore) to celebrations of open sexuality (Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights); this one manages to avoid both extremes, as well as anything else that might make it worth watching. Written by a couple of porn veterans (Stephen Elliott, who also directed, and Lorelei Lee), it tells the story of a lovely innocent (Ashley Hinshaw) who’s gradually seduced by the easy money of digital porn in San Francisco. The relatively new world of online adult entertainment might have given this a fresh spin, but instead it settles into a series of tedious melodramatic situations involving the girl’s alcoholic mother (Lili Taylor), her coked-out lawyer boyfriend (James Franco), her platonic but secretly lustful pal (Dev Patel), and a lesbian director who adores her (Heather Graham). This could be the first sex movie ever made in which the money shot was the first end credit.