Abuse of Weakness

French director Catherine Breillat, adapting her own memoir, revisits her 2004 stroke, her grueling rehabilitation, and the subsequent turn of events in which she began collaborating on a film project with the notorious confidence man Christophe Rocancourt and got bilked out of 700,000 Euros. Only an artist as rigorous as Breillat (Fat Girl, The Last Mistress) would dramatize something so personally humiliating, and as her onscreen counterpart, Isabelle Huppert contributes a similarly brave and pitiless performance. “It was me, but it wasn’t me,” the protagonist explains to her baffled family at the conclusion, perfectly equating the psychology of a con man’s mark with the physiology of a partially paralyzed woman. With Kool Shen and Laurence Ursino. In French with subtitles.