“You are victims of corrupt men who have enough riches to feed many, yet their own hunger never ceases,” a fortune-teller explains to the heroes of this moody, facetious allegory—two siblings named Franny and Zooey, whose scalps erupt in giant boils after Zooey is exposed to contaminated tap water. Their deformity compels these and other affected teens to rub fatty foods on their heads as they stumble out of New Jersey and across Pennsylvania (like some familiar movie zombies) to a town that may be the nerve center of the military-industrial complex that has condemned them to a life of unattractiveness and ennui. Part of what’s appealing about this good-looking black-and-white SF-horror exploitation movie is that its rangy political subtext seems as earnest as its reverence for the many filmmakers, writers, and musicians whose work it quotes. Local writer-director Rusty Nails stars; with Tracey Hayes, Randall Stanton, Jim Darley, Mary Luckritz, and Timothy Hutchings.