Taraji P. Henson, who could freeze water with her stare, plays a woman driven to violent extremes by the man in her life, a charming but no-account inventor played by Lyriq Bent. Because the writer-director is Tyler Perry, the romance is treated like a financial ledger, with an onscreen ticker popping up occasionally to record how much money the heroine has spent on her deadbeat lover, and God help him when he winds up with a fortune and another woman. Perry’s dramas typically follow a pattern of mounting anger and frustration, as the heroine suffers endless indignities for love, and explosive rage, when she gets her revenge; men are dirty dogs, sniffing around for money and sex, and must be punished. The movie has enough blinding anger to pull you along, and Perry plays around with one’s sympathies by making Henson’s character increasingly monstrous, but the pallid dialogue is a constant drag on the story.