A holiday film for the whole family, provided the whole family is obsessed with human waste. Working overtime to dispel whatever respect he earned from Punch-Drunk Love, Adam Sandler wrote, produced, and provided the principal voices for this noxious animated cartoon about a small-town party animal who’s sentenced to do community service as assistant referee for a junior basketball team. The film’s humor is epitomized by a scene in which the main referee is doused with the contents of a portable toilet, his young charge sprays him with water, and the sewage freezes to his body; its heart is epitomized by a scene in a deserted shopping mall where the mascots for various national chain stores come to life and tell the hero that it’s OK to cry. Sandler must have thought a cartoon would let him get away with gags even more scatological than the ones he writes for his live-action features. Instead it makes his narrative formula (bad-boy hero, beautiful love interest with lonely son, etc) even more transparent. Seth Kearsley directed. 71 min.