The prolific Anders Thomas Jensen has distinguished himself more as a screenwriter (Open Hearts, Brothers) than as a writer-director (The Green Butchers), and to judge from this 2005 religious parable, his third feature, he may need collaborators to stay his heavy hand. A vicious neo-Nazi (Ulrich Thomsen) is paroled from prison and arrives at a village church to complete his community service; he proudly describes himself as evil, but he meets his match in the parish priest (Mads Mikkelson of Casino Royale), a saintly character who’s suffered the trials of Job and whose car stereo is always playing “How Deep Is Your Love.” Luckily Jensen can attract the cream of Danish movie actors, and Thomsen and Mikkelson bring enough conviction to their archetypal roles to put this creaking story across. In Danish with subtitles. 91 min.