Adult Beginners

A fast-talking tech entrepreneur in Manhattan (Nick Kroll) loses all his money—and his friends’ money—and retreats to the suburbs to crash with his sister (Rose Byrne), her husband (Bobby Cannavale), and their adorable preschool son. This indie effort lists Jay and Mark Duplass as executive producers, and director Ross Katz approximates their trademark style of shaggy, semi-improvised character comedy. The early scenes are acidly funny: a high-rolling party for investors collapses into shocked disbelief as word gets around that the smartphone they’ve all sunk their money into is a bomb, and for the next few days the hero’s voice mail is an endless succession of hostile messages. By the end, though, this has turned into a Tim Allen movie, with one of those contrived conflicts in which the good guy has to choose between family and a big professional opportunity. With Joel McHale, Jane Krakowski, and Bobby Moynihan.