Welsh novelist Sarah Waters specializes in Victorian tales of lesbian romance: her debut novel, Tipping the Velvet was adapted into a rollicking BBC miniseries in 2002, and her third novel, Fingersmith, yielded a second series three years later. Andrew Davies, the crack screenwriter who adapted Tipping the Velvet, contributed the script for this 2008 British-Canadian feature based on Waters’s second novel, but it never amounts to more than a bodice ripper. Anna Madeley stars as a wealthy do-gooder who volunteers to counsel inmates at a wretched women’s prison; Zoe Tapper is the fetching prisoner with a mysterious past as a spiritual medium. Neither of these beauties earns her screen time nearly as well as Anna Massey, whose chief matron is an old, white-bonneted biddy with a face creased by mistrust. Tim Fywell directed. 94 min.