Based on real-life events that occured in her family, Iranian director Mona Zandi Haghighi’s second feature is a sometimes comical, sometimes serious portrait of one in disarray. Middle-aged Shokoo (Fatemeh Motamed Arya) brings home her older, invalid ex-husband, Fereydoun (Reza Babak), from an assisted living facility in order to care for him, much to her current husband’s chagrin. The latter, Reza (Saeed Aghakhani), is conflicted, acting kindly toward Shokoo’s ex-husband even though he feels slighted by both his presence and details he learns about Shokoo as a result. We also see Shokoo as something of a busybody in her community, specifically as she helps a young woman who seeks to move abroad despite her mother’s reservations. As in much Iranian cinema, the film’s narrative is elliptical, suggesting things about Shokoo and Reza that aren’t explicitly elucidated by the plot. Zandi Haghighi directs with attention to her characters’ inner worlds, especially Shokoo, who it’s shown has her own business dyeing wool and who yearns to reconnect with her adult children; it’s revealed that Fereydoun embellishes the details of their divorce, which adds another layer to Shokoo’s decision to care for him. The cinematography (done by Farhad Saba, who shot several of Abbas Kiarosami’s films) is lovely, as befits Zandi Haghighi’s stirring chronicle. In Persian with subtitles.