After Love

A recent study by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that, in 2015, about half of adult Chicagoans had never been married, up from 42 percent a decade earlier. I expect that trend to accelerate even more rapidly after this weekend, when Joachim Lafosse’s anguished Belgian drama After Love and Lake Bell’s spirited satire I Do . . . Until I Don’t arrive simultaneously on local screens. After Love focuses on the crumbling union between an upper-class woman and the husband she’s been supporting financially, a situation complicated by their little twin daughters and the husband’s unwillingness to go. I Do . . . Until I Don’t revolves around a filmmaker shooting a documentary on the demise of marriage, which entails airing the dirty laundry of two unhappy couples. I Do, true to its genre, ends more happily than After Love, but both movies find endless tension where intimacy is enforced by law. Continue reading>>