A storm of controversy greeted the Polish release of this 2012 mystery, which touches on the true story of the Jedwabne pogrom: in July 1941, as the Nazis advanced into Soviet-controlled Poland, the town’s gentiles collaborated with the Gestapo to slaughter some 300 of their Jewish neighbors. Writer-director Wladyslaw Pasikowski fought for years to obtain funding for his script, a sober, fictionalized suspense story. Twenty years after emigrating to Chicago, Franciszek returns home to check up on his brother, Jozef, whose wife and children have recently left him. To the community’s great displeasure, Jozef has begun collecting the Jewish headstones used by the Nazis to pave the country roads during the war and has erected a little Holocaust memorial in one of his wheat fields; as Franciszek begins to investigate, he learns that smooth roads weren’t the only rewards reaped by villagers during the war. In Polish with subtitles.