Back in 1980, Franken did a routine on Saturday Night Live in which he declared the “Me Decade” over and heralded the beginning of the “Al Franken Decade”; this video documentary by Nick Doob and Chris Hegedus (The War Room) feels like the first 90 minutes of it. The project began as Fox vs. Franken, a short about the comedian’s 2003 legal dustup with Fox News over his use of the slogan “fair and balanced” in a book title; Doob and Hegedus reprise some of that material, then shadow Franken as he helps launch the Air America radio network, jousts with right-wing pundits (Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter), campaigns for John Kerry in 2004, and ponders a Senate run from his native Minnesota. I love Franken and wish there were more funny liberals in the chattering class, but his crushing sarcasm wouldn’t exactly elevate the national debate.