Less a documentary than a naturalistic prose poem, this Mexican feature reveals in all its hardship and beauty a vanishing way of life: the daily work of fishermen who ply the giant coastal reefs of Mexico’s Edenic Banco Chinchorro. The narrative, such as it is, centers on one such fisherman, Jorge, and his quasi-feral little son, Natan, whose Sicilian mother has decided she’s tired of the unaccommodated life and plans to take the boy back to Italy with her. On borrowed time, Natan and Jorge embark on a fishing trip that will serve as their final bonding until the kid reaches adulthood. Director Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio paces the film to the rhythm of sunrise and sunset, capturing every poignant moment as Jorge teaches Natan the basic survival arts of tying knots, cleaning fish, and navigating the chop of the ocean. Everybody should have such an adventure-filled childhood.