Racism raises its ugly head in a Texas coastal town when a group of Vietnamese refugees enter the local fishing industry. Louis Malle’s 1985 feature passes on the niceties of characterization and dramatic structure: it gets right down to blunt, pounding didacticism, presenting the Vietnamese as sweet, pure-hearted visitors from some other, morally elevated universe; the Texans are all loutish, drooling rednecks, with the miraculous exception of our heroine, Amy Madigan. Alice Arlen’s screenplay stumbles from one flatly rendered, painfully familiar situation to another, while Malle seems unable to bring an ounce of tension or conviction to the staging: the scenes dribble off into embarrassed fumblings. With Ed Harris as Madigan’s lover, a fisherman who (natch) takes the other side of the issue. R, 98 min.