Too slavish in its devotion to 50s sci-fi conventions to work as parody or camp, this indie comedy by The X-Files alumnus R.W. Goodwin sinks under the weight of its homage. In his first leading role after the sitcom Will & Grace, Eric McCormack plays a small-town astronomer whose body hosts an alien from another planet; Jenni Baird is the diner waitress who helps him track a one-eyed intergalactic monster that wants to replicate and take over Earth. The spaces after the punch lines are wide enough for a ’57 Chevy pickup, so there’s plenty of time to admire the spot-on period details. One wonders what life this might have had were it entrusted to a bolder filmmaker like Frank Oz, whose Little Shop of Horrors (1986) evoked B movies but was also entertaining in its own right. With Dan Lauria and Robert Patrick. PG, 84 min.