Jennifer Mattox directed this ill-conceived documentary aimed at the MTV set about the corporate food industry’s negative impact on teen health. Starting out as an exposé of the industry’s deceptive marketing and nutritional practices, the movie attempts to personalize matters by following four affluent high schoolers as they struggle with a variety of personal and emotional challenges that the film suggests, sometimes unconvincingly, are exacerbated by their lousy diets. The filmmakers might have been successful had they trusted the intelligence of their target audience a little more. Frequently overreaching in an attempt to make the project more “relevant” to teenagers, they wind up with a condescending jumble instead. One minute it’s a muckraking investigative piece, the next it’s an infomercial for alternative diets, then it’s an examination of bulimia, then a pep rally for raising self-esteem, and finally a teen reality series. 110 min.