Four skinny Polish high-school kids form a punk band in 1981 and bash out anti-Communist anthems in support of the Solidarity movement. Singer-lyricist Janek (Mateusz Kosciukiewicz) is already endangering the career of his dad (Andrzej Chyra), a liberal-minded naval officer, even before he starts canoodling with the milfy wife (Katarzyna Herman) of a neighboring officer who toes the Moscow party line. On top of that, the busy boy’s got a Montague-Capulet romance going with a comely classmate (Olga Frycz ) whose activist dad doesn’t like military brats. This breezy 2009 drama is ultimately less interested in politics than hitting conventional coming-of-age chords, but writer-director Jacek Borcuch brings considerable energy and conviction to the material. In Polish with subtitles.