Kristin Pichaske’s video El Teatro Campesino, Teatro Roots (2001) looks at the satirical Chicano theater El Teatro Campesino, founded to support Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. The film includes fascinating footage from the company’s 60s heyday, but its contemporary hook—a performance starring the next generation of actors—is given only cursory treatment. Liz Miller’s interesting video Novela, Novela (2002) documents the trials of producing the Nicaraguan soap opera Sexto sentido, which regularly tackles issues like alcoholism, homophobia, and family violence. Nancy Andrews’s dryly witty film Monkey and Lumps (or Life in the Super-Arboreal) is a mock biography of fictional artist Ima Plume, who uses detailed chalk drawings in her performances. Also on the program: work by Christine Panushka, Jennet Thomas, and Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby. 93 min.