This distinctive magic realist drama marks the English-language debut of Peruvian writer-director Claudia Llosa, who received an Oscar nomination for her previous feature, The Milk of Sorrow (2009). Somewhat reminiscent of Atom Egoyan’s films, it alternates between two gradually converging plotlines set years apart: in the first a single mother (Jennifer Connelly) living in an unspecified rural area seeks out a nomadic faith healer in hope of curing her terminally ill son; in the second, taking place 20 years later, her other son (Cillian Murphy) joins a journalist (Mélanie Laurent) looking for the mother, who has since become a healer herself. Llosa shot this in remote areas of Spain and western Canada, creating a foreboding fictional landscape that feels like something out of a dream. The story doesn’t add up to much, but the stark natural imagery and frank discussions of spiritual longing leave strong impressions. In English and subtitled French.