Writer-director Cameron Crowe borrows from his own Jerry Maguire for this romantic comedy about a former NASA employee (Bradley Cooper) representing a billionaire megalomaniac (Bill Murray) in his quest to launch his own satellite from Honolulu. Upon arriving, the hero reunites with a woman he almost married 13 years earlier (Rachel McAdams) and bickers with the all-business air force pilot (Emma Stone) who’s been assigned to hover around him like a gnat. Crowe wants to tell us that the sky is magical, Hawaii is magical, and love is magical, but the movie feels like something that’s been sliced and diced, with plot-pertinent bits of film left on the cutting-room floor. Even if this were well made in a technical sense, it would still be a weird heap of patriotism, astronomy, and Hawaiian folklore, piled atop a pat and predictable love story. With John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin.