Three videos. Bret Berg and Alex Hinton’s Queer Youth TV Presents: Queercore (2002) focuses on alternative bands and their fans, with performance footage of Limp Wrist and Gossip. There are some telling moments—cheers follow a singer’s announcement that he takes advantage of his stage diving to “grab ass”—but Berg and Hinton’s treatment of the scene is frustratingly superficial. In Fenced Out! (2001) low-income kids are banned from a Greenwich Village pier because it’s scheduled to become part of a park, although the kids suspect that police are acting on residents’ complaints. And Thomas Gustafson’s Fairies, made in Chicago, about high school homophobia, is an undigested mix of obvious close-ups (yes, we feel sad when the gay boy is sad) and campy fantasies of love fulfilled. 73 min.