American Assassin

Somewhere along the way Michael Cuesta morphed from a creator of thoughtful indie dramas (L.I.E., from 2001) into an action director (Showtime’s Homeland); if he ever wants to tackle a James Bond movie, this nonstop spy thriller should serve as his audition. Dylan O’Brien plays an Ivy League scholar who becomes an international killing machine after terrorists murder his fiancee; Michael Keaton is the CIA’s top covert warrior, who shepherds him on a mission to recover stolen Russian plutonium now in the hands of a rogue American operative. Based on Vince Flynn’s best-selling novel, this movie is for those who like their heroes patriotic and invincible, their villains depraved and lethal, and their nukes made of the best CGI money can buy. With Sanaa Lathan, Scott Adkins, and Taylor Kitsch.