Almost any American who was alive in 2018 remembers the Watts Family Murders. Two years later, Netflix takes a true-crime documentary look at the months leading up to the disappearance of Colorado mother Shan’ann Watts and her two daughters, Celeste and Bella, and the investigation that uncovered the husband, Chris Watts, as the culprit. The documentary amps up the tension with body-cam footage from police officers and surveillance footage from interrogation rooms. American Murder also finds creative and empathetic ways to give Shan’ann a voice in the story, using sweet family videos from her Facebook posts and recreating text message conversations through animation in which Shan’ann senses her marriage going awry. However, what the film is missing to take it from decent to excellent are interviews: neither police, investigators, nor Shan’ann’s family are included in the doc. By not hearing from those who loved the Watts family most, American Murder misses a chance to drive the (already) emotional story home and to delve more into the psyche of what drove a suburban husband to tear his family apart.