An American Pickle lacks bite. Based on Simon Rich’s 2013 short story “Sell Out,” it stars Seth Rogen as both Herschel Greenbaum, an immigrant worker at a pickle factory who is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern-day Brooklyn, and Ben Greenbaum, his great-grandson. Ben works from home as an aspiring app developer who has yet to sell anything. This concerns and upsets Herschel, who years ago promised his wife Sarah (Sarah Snook) that the Greenbaums would become more prosperous with time. Thus begins a family rift, as Herschel disowns his kin, and Ben attempts to sabotage Herschel. The resulting shenanigans are hardly humorous enough to discuss, relying on hack and harmful jokes about hipsters and gender, respectively. Wrapped up with a predictable and bluntly delivered reconciliation, the film fails to fully develop the human element it hinges on, hindering the development of any real connection to the characters.