An Eye for Beauty

A successful Quebecois architect (Éric Bruneau) is drawn into an extramarital affair with a colleague in Toronto (Melanie Merkosky), which colors his concurrent experiences with his professional mentor (Michel Forget), who’s dying, and his wife (Mélanie Thierry), who’s losing her mind. The prolonged girl-on-boy seduction of the first half hour creates a certain amount of sexual tension, but when writer-director Denys Arcand tries to widen the story, it flattens out into bourgeois soap opera. As in his best-known feature, The Barbarian Invasions (2004), the characters’ social circle is carefully rendered, though their bland liberalism and unquestioned sense of entitlement are presented without a trace of irony or satire. This leaves only the protagonists’ unspoken personal yearnings, which are too mundane and vaguely articulated to disrupt the movie’s ski-club myopia. In English and subtitled French.