Shot in Columbus, Ohio—though it might as well be New York or Los Angeles—this 1999 thriller stars Mekhi Phifer as Silk, who contrary to the film’s title shows up uninvited at the house of aspiring screenwriter Howard (Mel Jackson) while he’s working on a script with his two partners. Howard’s wife Debbie (Mari Morrow) has left in a huff because Howard has forgotten their anniversary; returning later, she finds Silk hustling everyone at poker. She’s soon seduced by the mysterious stranger, and in a scene straight out of soft-core porn, Silk has his way with her on the kitchen counter. The adult-film ambience is heightened by the continuous wash of synth music, which begins to percolate at the slightest hint of danger. The plot contains so many unbelievable twists that after a while you lose count and sit back to enjoy the ride, as almost every character is revealed to be a scheming, duplicitous scumbag. Written and directed by Timothy Wayne Folsome. 116 min.