A woman in a provincial town (Agnes Jaoui, from Un air de famille) learns of her husband’s adultery and angrily discards her disciplined, middle-class facade for a volatile, dangerous life of club hopping, one-night stands, and sexual experimentation. This 1999 French drama by Christophe Blanc charts the wife’s gradual disintegration with restless but probing camerawork that recalls A Woman Under the Influence, and like Cassavetes’s actors, Jaoui burrows into the role: her disorderly air, her hateful glances at her ex, and her temper tantrums all signal self-destruction on a path that initially held the promise of liberation. Unfortunately the script, cowritten by Blanc, becomes repetitive and stretches scenes well past their point; instead of understanding or empathizing with the woman’s boredom, we end up sharing it. 118 min.