Bursting with creative energy, this 2012 romantic fantasy by New York artist Terence Nance dances around a single moment in time even as it traces a relationship over years. A few months after falling for the charming Namik Minter, Nance created the short film How Would You Feel?, which revisits again and again the day she telephoned him to cancel a date and he realized their romance would never work out. Minter had already moved on when the short premiered in July 2006, and she was startled to discover that Nance had committed their relationship to film without consulting her; in response he folded the short into An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, which incorporates her perspective as well. Bold and varied animation sequences lift this into the stratosphere before it falls back into Nance’s obsessively layered narrative; the resulting film is both beautiful and disorienting (just like love).