Aside from Richard Pryor, no American monologuist has translated to the screen better than Spalding Gray (Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a Box, Gray’s Anatomy), who battled depression all his adult life and apparently committed suicide in 2004. For this documentary, Steven Soderbergh has assembled a chronology of Gray’s life in his own voice, using mostly clips from his filmed and videotaped performances but also an array of TV and casual interview footage. Gray speaks with calm and candor about his mother, whose mental illness colored his childhood and who took her own life when he was in his 20s; he also opens up about the terrifying head-on collision he survived in 2001 while vacationing in Ireland. Soderbergh gives ample screen time to Gray’s artistic and professional triumphs as well, though the complete portrait is most memorable for the way it juxtaposes footage of Gray from different points in his life, both high and low.