Eighty-two-year-old French glaciologist Claude Lorius is the subject of this immaculately produced but cold and plodding documentary about the devastating effects of climate change. Released in 2015 in France (where it closed the Cannes film festival), the film spans Lorius’s remarkable career—in the 1980s he became the first scientist to prove man’s role in climate change—and checks in with him as he continues to gather evidence in the present. As he remarks, “I am now an old man, sad to see that history has proved him right.” Director Luc Jacquet struggles to dredge up the sort of emotion he delivered so easily in his Oscar-winning March of the Penguins (2005); it doesn’t help that voice actor Michel Paplinski speaks for Lorius most of the time, or that Jacquet’s glossy mix of archival footage feels more lofty than urgent. In French with subtitles.