Antonio Lopez was a brash illustrator and stylist who came to prominence during the nonstop party that was the New York fashion world in the 70s and 80s. He seemed to have drawn, worked with, and slept with everyone, from Jessica Lange to Yves Saint Laurent to Andy Warhol. He lived fast and died young (of complications from AIDS in 1987). Survivors from that era sing his praises, stepping all over each other to claim he was the world’s sexiest man, and the genius who’d revolutionized the way women were portrayed in fashion magazines. Writer and director James Crump obviously believes Lopez is worthy of a full-length documentary, but this viewer was left unconvinced. To someone outside the fashion world, his drawings of androgynous hippie girls look utterly ordinary and pretty dated, and his mugging, mustachioed face doesn’t seem all that remarkable. Maybe you had to be there to get it.