If bells and whistles were content, this football melodrama in overdrive—and many other movies directed by Oliver Stone—would be full of it. Like a bad documentary, the movie uses symbolic inserts and generally assaultive sounds and images to create an illusion of subtext, though the style, an expressionist reflection of the game, at least justifies the archly extended opening sequence. By the time the manic camera slows down to reveal the back stories of the characters—a soon-to-be-has-been coach of a pro team (Al Pacino), its castrating-bitch owner (Cameron Diaz), and several players, including a rising star whose success goes to his head (Jamie Foxx), two workhorses having trouble accepting their physical limitations (Dennis Quaid and Lawrence Taylor), and a doctor who seems confused about the Hippocratic oath (James Woods)—everyone’s motives are either moot or redundant. Stone wrote the screenplay with John Logan. 162 min.