Brazilian writer-director Kleber Mendonça Filho turned heads with his ambitious feature debut Neighboring Sounds (2014), in which a middle-class high-rise in his hometown of Recife becomes a sort of social ecosystem. This second feature also centers on real estate, though the interdependence of the earlier movie has given way to isolation: developers, hoping to demolish the title apartment block and erect a new structure, buy out the residents one by one, but they haven’t bargained on Clara (Sonia Braga of Kiss of the Spider Woman), a widowed music critic in her 60s who has lived in her unit for decades and refuses to sell. As the conflict gradually escalates, Filho reaches back into Clara’s past and revisits some of the hardships that steeled her spine; his extended narrative may not be as dazzling as in the previous film, but Braga—like Paulina García in the recent Chilean import Gloria—contributes a memorable performance as a proud, vibrant, self-possessed woman of a certain age. In Portuguese with subtitles.