It’s the year 2038 as Archive opens, taking viewers through a snowy and serene shot on the way to a secret facility code-named “The Garden.” Situated halfway up a snow-capped mountain near Kyoto, this is where George Almore (Theo James) has spent almost three years attempting to build a “true human-equivalent android.” His work is virtually complete, except for the most sensitive phase, which poses a major problem. The issue stems from Almore’s desire to reunite with his dead wife, Jules (Stacy Martin). Thus begins an in-depth look at grappling with grief and artificial intelligence as immortality. While Archive doesn’t reward viewers with easy answers, it does take them on a surreal and surprising journey. Asking what happens if a machine replicates free will so well that it begins to form its own desires contrary to that of its creator, Archive is a unique take on love and loss.