Nelson Reyes, one of three U.S. Army recruits profiled in this 2003 digital video, explains that his uniform will win him respect back in the South Bronx, but respect isn’t generally accorded to privates in basic training, and before long Reyes has gone AWOL. Thaddeus Ressler left a lucrative gig at the Chicago Stock Exchange in a spurt of post-9/11 patriotism, but the qualities that define a good trader make him a misfit in the military. Only Sara Miller, a failed dancer from North Carolina, overcomes her anger and insecurity to adapt; initially she’s the least sympathetic of the three, but she earns her success. Most viewers won’t be surprised by the harshness of army life, and by focusing on three naive recruits who were, Canadian documentarist Sarah Goodman loads the dice. 70 min.