Sci-fi fantasy meets pseudo history in this ill-conceived adaptation of a popular video game series. Michael Fassbender stars in a dual role, as a member of the Assassins (a secret medieval Spanish brotherhood who in 1492 protects the Muslim king of Granada against the Knights Templar and the Inquisition), and as his North American descendant some 500 years later, a murderer rescued from execution by Marion Cotillard, who plays a scientist intent on linking DNA to antisocial behavior. As expected, the accent is on action—swordplay, archery, burning at the stake—but Asian martial arts and parkour are thrown in as well, if only to distract from the abject senselessness of the screenplay. Director Justin Kurzel worked previously with the leads on his much better Macbeth (2015), which was budgeted at about a tenth of this overblown silliness; brother Jed Kurzel provided the thundering, overmodulated score, apparently trying to hammer us into submission, much like the movie’s crypto-fascist villains. With Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Charlotte Rampling, doing their damnedest to class up the joint. In English and subtitled Spanish.