At Middleton

Vera Farmiga provides all the wattage in this debut feature by writer-director Adam Rodgers, whose affable screwball comedy in the first half gives way to limp drama in the second. Unhappily married and dropping her daughter off at college, effervescent Edith (Farmiga) meets proper, dapper George (Andy Garcia in specs and bow tie) during a campus tour; after their respective children wander off together, the parents go looking for them and have an adventure. Farmiga handles the cute, clever dialogue with ease, though Garcia, who said he modeled his character on Jacques Tati and Harold Lloyd, comes off as a handsome stiff even when the parents are mischievously blowing bongs in a student’s dorm room. As the truant kids, Spencer Lofranco and Taissa Farmiga (the star’s younger sister) share scenes of their own that can only be described as trying. With Tom Skerritt, cast against type as a tweedy linguistics professor.