Set in Spain when the housing bubble burst in 2007—a full year before the financial crisis would be felt around the world—this 2016 musical recalls Rent and Les Misérables in that the primary catalysts for the characters breaking into song are despair and displacement. But these songs, performed by a mix of professional and amateur vocalists, are less showy and also less memorable. The narrative revolves around an evicted woman (Spanish singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz), her husband, and their ten-year-old daughter, but also weaves in the woman’s well-to-do banker friend (Oriol Vila) and the police officer who expelled the family (Ivan Benet). Director Eduard Cortés, who cowrote the film with Piti Español, feels for the humiliated family members but also for the guilt-ridden authorities as they carry out their jobs; the characters’ pain is expressed unflinchingly in each song. In Spanish with subtitles.